Irena Granaas
Born in Detroit, I grew up living in Royal Oak until the early 1990s when I hopped around the Upper Peninsula working for various small newspapers, living the adventure and all that.
I also have an automotive/technical background dating from the 1980s when I worked for Chrysler Corporation, experience that I used to my advantage in a previous reporting job at an automotive newspaper. I'm a "movie nut" with a large DVD collection, and when I'm watching the Tube (I can still call mine that 'cause it's old technology) I never miss "Fringe" and "Supernatural." I am fascinated by animals, science, medicine and nature. Oh, and politics, too, which feeds my addiction to news, a great quality for any journalist. I also love computers, computer games and new gadgets. When not engaged in any of the above I read tons of fantasy and sci-fi novels.
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