It's Time To Feed The Need For Hoops

South Lake, Lake Shore, Lakeview offer local fans great basketball options.

There is something about the thumping of a basketball against a hardwood floor. Something about the squeaking of hi-top shoes as they slide across the basketball court.

For fans of the game, the winter months mean more than flying snow, frigid temps and holiday cheer. It means the return of the game they hold so dear - basketball.

Nowhere is this game as pure as it is at the high school level.

No contracts to haggle over. No scholarships to squabble about. Just an athlete, the pride of playing for their school, their community and the love of the game.

In St. Clair Shores, there’s no shortage of boys hoops to go around this winter.

A trio of squads offer a weekly dose of basketball action for fans regardless of where in the city you reside, or which high school you call your own.

Patch takes a quick look at each of these teams and gives you, the fan, a guide of sorts. A quick rundown of what to expect, who to watch and even what to shout out from the bleachers to cheer the team on - with the hopes that you’ll check these teams out this season.

Shout Out:  Go Shorians

Head Coach: Todd Stevens

Last Year’s Record: 9-12 overall, 7-7 MAC Silver

The Breakdown: The Shorians are going to have to be creative this season - plain and simple. The loss of key starters (and lots of size) from last season, namely Myles Weston and DeWayne Cook, is going to undoubtedly be felt by the Shorians this season. These two accounted for more than half of the team’s offensive production in 2010-2011. That said, don’t dismiss Lake Shore this year. They’ve got speed to burn and despite their lack of size, their style of play might just compensate for this with an up-and-down, high-octane brand of game that’s both entertaining for crowds and a proven success at the prep level. 

Ones To Watch: Senior James Sirr and Kyle Medley

Shout Out: Go Huskies

Head Coach: John Carr

Last Year’s Record: 7-14 overall, 5-9 MAC Silver

The Breakdown: New coach, John Carr, heads a squad that is loaded with speed, has a good balance of size and athleticism and has a ton of potential. However, their success will depend largely upon maturity and poise. The Huskies graduated 11 players from last season's squad, leaving just three returning to the team in 2011-2012. The good news for Lakeview fans is that these fresh faces went a combined 35-5 as freshmen and junior varsity players, so winning is not a foreign concept. Winning at the varsity level is a different creature, though. So, look for the Huskies to gradually improve as the season goes along, and perhaps, even make some noise in the postseason.

Ones To Watch: Junior Robert Shields, senior Geno Greer, junior Gary Tilney, senior Alex Gallant.

Shout Out: Go Cavaliers

Head Coach: Matt Ferguson

Last Year’s Record: 4-17 overall, 1-11MAC Gold

The Breakdown: There’s no question - they’re a better team this year than they were last season. They’re quicker, more skilled overall and have speed to burn. Also, they should be able to knock down the perimeter shot with more regularity. Those are the positives. Defense, free throw shooting and rebounding however, are works in progress for the Cavs. That said, this should be a team on the rise in the MAC Silver with the potential to sneak into the hunt come January or February.

Ones To Watch: Travon DeSaussure, Marvin Webster, Jaylen Hawkins, DeMarco Ritter, Duane Brown, Anthony Terry, Montez Foutner and transfer Tyron Sims (January eligibility).


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