What Goes Into Calling a Snow Day?

Is it superstitions or superintendents that make the call for a snow day?

File photo.
File photo.
Students across the Shores have had their snow day wishes granted a number of times this school year.

While school children may think tricks including putting ice in the toilet may lead to a day off, it is actually more complicated.

According to a post on the South Lake Schools Facebook page, the decision to close school is a made collaboratively by the 21 Macomb school districts and the Macomb Intermediate School District.

Factors which are considered include: road conditions, real temperatures and safety issues related to transporting students with data gathered from district operation and transportation supervisors and local safety and traffic specialists.

The conference calls among districts are conducted at various times, depending on the weather situation, according to the post. A snow-related issue might be decided at 4 a.m.  on the morning of the predicted storm, while a temperature-related decision might be made late the prior evening when temperature trends can be analyzed.

And when a forecast changes, a call might be scheduled to assess and discuss the changing situation.

Follow Patch for updates on school closings in the Shores.


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