St. Clair Shores Senior Center, Fire Department Help Residents Prepare for Emergencies

The St. Clair Shores Senior Activities Center recently partnered with the St. Clair Shores Fire Department for an Emergency Preparedness Class. The topic was especially timely as the affects Hurricane Sandy stretched to St. Clair Shores.

The St. Clair Shores Senior Center for Active Adults recently partnered with the St. Clair Shores Fire Department to bring personnel from Oakland Community College to present a Federal Emergency Management Agency emergency preparedness program.

A number of topics were covered during the two-hour program which included preparedness, sheltering and the role of various first responders in an emergency.

The issues discussed were timely, as Hurricane Sandy was approaching the United States.

Among the tips shared by the presenters include:

  • Develop plans for what to do in case of an emergency, and assemble a disaster supply kit before an event for families and their pets.
  • Identify a safe place in a home to take shelter during an event, and store supplies. Among the items residents should have on-hand should include a first aid kit, flashlight, battery powered radio, extra batteries, food, bottled water, duct tape and scissors, towels and plastic sheeting.
  • Residents should follow the advice and guidance of officials.
  • Be alert for dangerous or hazardous conditions.
  • In case of evacuations, take family medicines, blankets, battery-powered radio, important documents, protective clothing, infant supplies, drinking water and ready-to-eat foods.
  • Following an event, monitor local media sources for information about where to get emergency housing, food, first aid, clothing and other assistance.

For additional information, visit the St. Clair Shores Fire Department website for an emergency preparedness workbook.


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