St. Clair Shores Residents Asked to Help With Potential Storm Cleanup

Hurricane Sandy's reach is impacting St. Clair Shores with strong winds and showers forecast through Tuesday. The storm may cause downed limbs and flooded streets.

The effects of Hurricane Sandy are being felt in St. Clair Shores, where strong winds are tossing garbage cans down streets, downing tree limbs and blowing leaves across yards and into the street.

With these strong winds Bryan Babcock, St. Clair Shores public works director, asked residents to assist his department by:

  • Raking leaves from sewer grates onto the grass. The buildup of leaves over the grate can cause streets to flood during heavy rains. Crews from the public works department aren't scheduled to clean the streets until all the leaves have fallen.
  • Remove downed limbs from sidewalks and streets if possible and cut the limbs into four-foot segments. If the limbs are too large to be moved, call the public works office to have a crew removed. If a road or sidewalk is blocked, residents are asked to call 911 and an on-call forestry member will be dispatched to clear the roadway.
  • Secure lids on garbage cans and recycling bins.


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