Republican Bus Tour Comes to St. Clair Shores

The Michigan GOP "Believe in Michigan - Jobs First" statewide bus tour will visit St. Clair Shores Monday.

The final day of the Michigan GOP "Believe in Michigan - Jobs First" statewide bus tour will include a stop Monday in St. Clair Shores.

The four-day bus tour has stopped at GOP headquarters and victory centers across the state.

Gov. Rick Snyder, along with other state and local GOP candidates and elected officials are scheduled to attend the event from 9:30 -10:15 a.m. at the
Eastside Republican Club Headquarters, 22971 9 Mile Road
St. Clair Shores.

Erin November 05, 2012 at 04:33 AM
Jobs FIRST??? There's a reason Congress has a 9% job approval. What have they been doing for the last 4 years? Blocking even Republican legislation to boost jobs, calling Obamacare, which IS the 1993 Repub H/C plan "Socialist". Why? Could it be that party strategy of obstruction was more important while the country struggled through a financial crisis and foreclosures? What did they work on instead? 1,100 women's reproductive rights bills (between state and federal level). This creates jobs, how, exactly? Appalling. It was an attempt to save THEIR jobs. Run the clock out, don't let a Dem look good, work on pet social issue, the country can just WAIT. For 4 years they've said, NO!, I'm taking my ball, and going home, until it's my turn. Nobody gets to play. Is that the type of integrity and leadership we need? And we're supposed to believe that suddenly the national party is ready sing Kumbaya and be bi-partisan?? Reward those in the party that actually get some work done, for the good of the country, not just the party. The obstructionists? The ones that are running straight back to the "W " playbook that brought us to the brink? Send them packing. Otherwise, the extremists and military profiteers will never be driven from the party. It's the only way to save it long term. I have no problem voting for local and state R"s. National party? Sorry, it's time for some tough love.
Chester Marx November 05, 2012 at 04:45 PM
I would have no problem supporting R Snyder, but he decided to choke the downtrodden communities, during this fiscal crisis, and let these small communities go under. They have had to sell off precious resources, to meet Lansing's criteria. Wealthier communities dodged his bullets, but others could have been helped instead of dismantled, and the legislature knows this.
Chester Marx November 05, 2012 at 04:48 PM
What galls me is that we're supporting this obstructionist Congress. And the Republicans are obsessed with sex, they're puritans, and really rigid ones, at that.


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