Recreation Facilities in St. Clair Shores Get New Signage

Department of Public Works personnel are placing new signs around St. Clair Shores to direct residents and visitors to recreational facilities throughout the city.

Trying to find the Statler-Maloof dog park, Civic Arena or the 9 Mile boat launch?

There are new signs that are being installed throughout the city to help residents and visitors locate, and utilize, these facilities.

"These are nice, clean, crisp standardized signs that showcase all we have to offer," said Bryan Babcock, public works director. "I think it will catch people's attention."

The signage program is part of an on-going effort to replace street and stop signs in the neighborhoods. During that program, public works officials also developed a standard sign which will inform motorists of the locations of parks and recreation facilities throughout the city.

Ron Demski, public works supervisor, oversaw the project that included city personnel stripping a number of existing signs and putting on a new brown face. These brown signs, with white lettering and logos, are similar to other recreation and Circle the Lake signs located throughout the city and county.

Some of the signs installed around the city include those for Brys Park and the Statler-Maloof Dog Park, Gaffke Park and the 9 Mile boat launch. The signs will not be used for residents-only parks.

"I think it will catch people's eyes, especially out of towners," said Babcock, of the sign program.

Chuck Hall October 02, 2012 at 12:54 PM
While I agree that new signage will promote our public accessed parks and recreation facilities, it leaves my one question unanswered regarding Blossom Heath. I have proposed that the many confusing signs one encounters when entering into the Blossom Heath park and boat launch area should be condensed in to one or two larger informational sign boards, for residents to read as they walk from their cars toward the main entrance of either the launch or the park. In 2010 I proposed signage on Jefferson Ave. To be placed 500ft north and south of Blossom Heath drive because many residents do not even know we offer a boat launch, fishing pier and park that includes a children’s play-scape and small pavilion. All are in need of upgrades. Improvements at this facility still remain an issue of neglect by our administration and elected officials, given the fact that it is hidden off Jefferson Ave in the Nautical Mile. A Tax Increment finance authority's (TIFA) district. When viewed in contrast to Veterans Memorial Park that has seen many improvements such as new water splash pad, horseshoe pits, extended walkways, and cart paths and numerous upgrades that have are derived from taxpayer dollars for this “resident only” park. It begs the question. Why all at Memorial Park and none at Blossom Heath Park? It certainly guarantees the fate of this “resident only” park to questionable peril.


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