Macomb Officials React to 2013 Economic Forecast

Dr. Jim Jacobs, a renown economist, delivered his annual address Wednesday in Chesterfield Township.

Dr. Jim Jacobs delivered his 29th annual Macomb County Economic Forecast in Chesterfield Township.

Jacobs' speech, which was overall positive, noted that the county was expected to fare better in growth and recovery than the national economy in 2013.

County officials, who attended the speech, reacted to the forecast with enthusiasm.

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel said Jacobs' points, such as strides in the housing market and labor force, are "encouraging to know."

New Macomb County Board of Commissioners Chairman David Flynn said, "I think that community leaders and elected officials need to have cautious optimism and understand that our recovery is going to be steady but incremental."

Commissioner Kathy Vosburg, who previously served as board chairwoman, said "I always like hearing Jim's economic forecast because he brings in the big picture."

Read about Jacob's forecast here.


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