Lake Shore Resurfacing Project Underway

The portion of Lake Shore Road that travels north from Vernier Road leading to St. Clair Shores is lined in orange barrels as a resurfacing project gets under way.

Orange barrels lininig Lake Shore Road will remain as a contractor works to repair and resurface the only stretch of the roadway that is not considered a county road.

The project is heavily funded by a federal grant with a small contribution from and will allow for the section of the well-traveled road to be brought up to similar conditions that exist in the other Grosse Pointes.

Construction technically started June 18, which is when the barrels and other construction equipment began showing up on the roadway.

Some residents questioned why the Shores would take on such a large project considering the ever-tightening purse strings. During the last council meeting, Councilwoman Kay Felt said the project may be happening at a time that is not exactly what the current council would have picked but the condition of the road is not far from being an urgent matter.

Felt said the federal money being used toward the project is not something the Shores would have been able to take advantage of for many more years if officials had passed up this opportunity—likely far longer than the condition of the road would have maintained itself.

At a minimum, one lane of traffic in each direction is expected to be maintained throughout the project, according to a newsletter Shores Director of the Deartment of Public Works shared with residents about the project.


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