Emagine Withdraws Theater Proposal from City of Grosse Pointe

Emagine is taking its movie theater plans to Macomb, not the Pointes. The City of Grosse Pointe council is expected to make a decision during its next meeting in June related to the remaining proposal from Grosse Pointe Theatre.

Emagine Entertainment has withdrawn , Manager Pete Dame announced Monday.

Their withdrawal means the city council will only have one proposal to consider, which is a 40,000 square-foot cultural arts center with a 400-seat theater for live productions and a banquet area by the .

Dame said Emagine Entertainment found another location in Macomb County that will house 12-14 screens rather than the eight proposed in Grosse Pointe.

The company, he said, believes the new location is more ideal for development and will still draw clientele from the Grosse Pointes. The exact location in Macomb County was not clear late Monday.

City officials have been reviewing the proposals and had intended to give city council a report on both in preparation for a public hearing likely in June.

The development is slated for the parking lot between and the block of the Village housing , and other businesses. It would face St. Clair Street.

Bob Frapples May 22, 2012 at 08:27 PM
settle down, whitey..."outsiders" was intended to mean exactly what it says: people from outside of Grosse Pointe. last time i checked not everyone from outside of Grosse Pointe was of a different race but merely someone that does not live inside the borders of any of the Pointes. you're reading something into my comment that was NEVER meant to be. "when did i say "outsiders" and make this a race issue?"...sheesh, someone's always looking to turn stuff into a racial debate even when it clearly isn't. (and that "whitey" remark IS A JOKE, take your hands away from the keyboard)
Bill IV May 22, 2012 at 09:27 PM
Sure Bob
Joseph May 24, 2012 at 01:16 AM
Where do you watch movies? I worked for Star years ago and EVERY one of them popped fresh daily IN the middle of the lobby. Emagine does too - every one I have been to has poppers making fresh popcorn behind the concession counter. I do not frequent AMC (non-Star AMCs) or MJR so one of those must be where you are going.
Chad Bateman May 24, 2012 at 03:23 AM
Bill and Wendy, I do all of those same things as well. I love to venture out of my Oakland County Bubble and head downtown, to Belle, etc. The point I was making/asking is what do you do at night in Grosse Pointe? I am talking downtown GP. You have two options: Vil Grille or City Kitchen. Wow, how enticing! Grosse Pointe has absolutely zero nightlife or anything fun/exciting open past 8 pm because the residents are so adamant about leaving it the way it is. GP doesn't need any rockin' dance/nightclubs, but a classy place like Dick O'Dow's in Birmingham, or a Bar Louie would be nice to go to on a night where you just want to catch the game. It is so nice living in a city like Birmingham where you can walk around on a nice spring evening and most places are popping past 8. Not too long ago there was an alleged proposal to turn Jacobson's into a six story building with a J Crew, California Pizza Kitchen, a gym, and condos. That would have made a killing in GP and would have brought in a ton of money. But the city council and its residents were too worried about how it will attract "non residents." Our kids are getting older by the minute and pretty soon they will be forced to decide whether or not they will stay and raise their kids in GP. And let me tell you, it is not looking too promising.
Mark May 24, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Well Chad to your response to Bill and Wendy I would say no that wasn't the whole point you were trying to make. You were making ridiculous assumptions that everyone who lives in GP is stuck in the past and essentially has no life on top of being elitist snobs. Which I'm sorry is absolutely unfair and sounds like you went to school with losers is your problem. As far as nightlife nobody can argue your point. There is not much to offer aside from The Hill or the Park bars that are not very nice. However, I will take Lake St Clair and the proximity downtown every day of the week and twice on Sunday over the "amazing" nightlife in the Birmingham/Royal Oak area. Also, it makes a difference where you are in your life. I'm married and have a kid on the way so the hopping nightlife isn't as important as it used to be.


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