Charlie's Restaurant Gets Approval for Expanded Parking

The owners of Charlie's Restaurant in St. Clair Shores received approval from the Planning Commission to expand its parking lot. The issue still needs approval from City Council.

The owners of received approval Tuesday from the St. Clair Shores Planning Commission to expand their parking lot to ease parking congestion along California Street.

Bob and Mariana Markaj requested and received approval to rezone the property behind the restaurant from the Planning Commission to expand their parking lot. A site plan was also approved for a 23-space lot to alleviate parking in front of homes on California.

"I think this is the best solution for all of us," said Mariana Markaj.

This was the second time to request the rezoning of property behind his Harper Avenue restaurant to allow him to purchase an existing house, raze it and expand the current lot.

During a meeting in July, residents expressed concern to the commission about the impact of the current parking, traffic and truck parking. The request died after a motion by the planning commission to table the request and a motion to approve the rezoning both failed.

The issue was brought back before the Planning Commission with some modifications including moving the approach closer to Harper to alleviate traffic on California and combine the parcels of the current and proposed lots.

Employees of the restaurant will also park at to allow for additional parking for customers, Bob Markaj added.

Before the any demolition can occur, the requests must still be approved by City Council. Markaj and his wife anticipate the project to be completed by winter.

A second proposal before the Planning Commission to rezone property on Pallister, south of 9 Mile, from residential to parking uses was tabled until the next meeting.

DJG August 15, 2012 at 01:02 PM
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Love this place...just too tough to park during peak times, especially with a pickup or SUV.


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