St. Clair Shores Police Crack Down on Illegal Parking by Schools

St. Clair Shores police are responding to concerns of residents and are cracking down on motorists who illegally park in front of schools throughout the city.

Some motorists in St. Clair Shores are getting an "F" in following parking rules in front of schools, and their penalty is not a trip to the office but a ticket from a police officer.

At schools across the city, signs that declare "no parking, stopping, standing"  have been erected. These signs are intended to prevent parents from dropping their kids off across from the school, and having the students run across the street, according to police.

But since the beginning of the school year, parents and guardians have been ignoring the signs and officers are responding.

"We have been having a lot of issues with parking issues around the schools this fall," said St. Clair Shores Police Lt. Steve Lambert, who joins parents in their concern about a child getting hit by a car. "Officers are stepping up enforcement."

Lambert added that the department is getting complaints from across the city, and officers are issuing violations to motorists who do not follow the "no parking, stopping, standing" signs. Those who do not follow the signs, face a $20 ticket.

"We are are asking for compliance from the parents," Lambert said.

The increased enforcement led to a lively discussion on the Patch Facebook page.

Izabela Lipski wrote, "If people would cooperate and follow the rules, it would be much easier for everyone. Residents who live on Violet and Evergreen are punished enough, that we can't park on the street."

Another reader, Karla Chambe, wrote, "It would be nice if they would give tickets it never stops. People think that the sign is for everyone else except them!"

Jackie Damer October 11, 2012 at 10:25 AM
We live on Thirteen Mile across from Lakeshore. I am surprised that there really aren't more accidents the way many of these people drive. Dropping the kids off would be much simpler, and go alot smoother if everyone would follow the rules. And for those of you who feel the rules don't apply to you, eventually they will come back to bite you in the butt.
Jessica G. October 11, 2012 at 01:20 PM
This is a big issue by Rodgers Elementary. What makes it even more difficult is that there is no left turn at the corner, forcing you to turn down the side street to get out of the parking area. People blatantly ignore the signs on a daily basis, parking on both sides of the street. I have been stuck in the center of the street more than once trying to get home because this leaves only one lane for both directions of traffic to share. One of these days someone is going to get hurt or have an accident because of this. I'm glad the police are finally doing something about it.
DJG October 11, 2012 at 08:25 PM
I'm with you Jess. What's worse is people that park in front of the school and just sit there... Look, it takes 20 seconds to drop your kid off, say goodbye, etc. I've sat there waiting for people to pull away for minutes after their kids are gone...and that's after they've been there a while. Parents need to be more considerate of other drivers and obey the signs and the law. And by the way....there's no smoking on school property. Let's see them jump on that one, too.


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