No Charges in Fatal I-94 Accident

The Macomb County Prosecutors Office will not authorize charges in a fatal accident on I-94 in March where a construction worker was struck and killed.

No charges will be issued in the March fatal traffic crash on I-94 in St. Clair Shores that involved a 26-year-old construction worker.

The Michigan State Police released a statement Wednesday that a warrant package was submitted to the Macomb Couny Prosecutors Office for the March 10, 2012, accident on eastbound I-94 at 12 Mile.

Construction worker Justin Vallad, of Standish, was killed after he was struck by a vehicle in a work zone between Frazho and 12 Mile. He was part of a survey crew from Surveying Solutions Inc., which was contracted by the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Michigan State Police Lt. Michael A. Shaw stated a review of the packet was conducted and no charges were authorized for this crash.  


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