Kwame Kilpatrick's Collection of a Money Order in Chesterfield Township May Violate Parole

Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick failed to report the money he collected during his visit to Walmart to the Michigan Department of Corrections, per the conditions of his parole.

Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's recent visit to a Chesterfield Township Walmart is raising questions among officials in the Michigan Department of Corrections on Tuesday—specifically what surveillance cameras caught him doing while in the store.

In surveillance video released on local news networks Tuesday, Kilpatrick is shown inside the Hall Road store on Dec. 11 counting cash from a $2,000 money order.

Local 4 reports Kilpatrick kept $800 of that money order and forwarded the rest to another Walmart in Texas.

The problem lies in the terms of Kilpatrick's parole, which states he must report all income and gifts.

"For the month of December he reported zero income and zero gifts. So, the fact we have video surveillance he did receive money and we see him put it into his pocket and he failed to report it to his parole agent and it would be a violation of his parole," Russ Marlan, a Department of Correction spokesperson, told Local 4.

The money was traced to Chicago pastor Corey Brooks, who told Local 4 that Kilpatrick was among "one of many people" his church helped for Christmas." 

The department of corrections is expected to investigate the issue and a parole violation hearing may be held as Kilpatrick repeatedly denied receiving any monies in December before the surveillance video came to light, according to Local 4.

A breach in parole could send Kilpatrick back to prison.

wendy cooper January 14, 2013 at 12:47 PM
he is such a liar and a cheat! I dont see why people continue to give him money and charity! There are a lot of homeless and hungry people that 2000.00 could ahve helped. Throw him away and lock him up for good. Then the only charity he can recieve is three meals a day!


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