Joe Gentz Found Competent to Stand Trial in Jane Bashara Murder Case

The handyman charged in the January strangulation death of Grosse Pointe Park resident Jane E. Bashara will undergo a second competency evaluation by an independent doctor at the request of his attorney.

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Wayne County Deputy Prosecutor Lisa Lindsey announced the results of the evaluation Monday in 36th District Court during a brief hearing before Chief Judge Kenneth J. King. 

Joseph Gentz, most recently of and formerly of St. Clair Shores, has been housed at Dickerson Lockup Facility since in .  

His court-appointed attorney, Susan Reed, requested Monday that Gentz undergo a second competency evaluation by an independent doctor. She told the judge she had a doctor in mind but declined to identify the person until after the court order is signed. 

The attorneys did not go into detail about the results of the first competency evaluation, but Lindsey said the results show he understands the charges against him as well his environment and the case. 

Lindsey told the judge she was fine with Gentz being evaluated a second time. She explained to the judge that Gentz's attorney—Reed—is more comfortable with having the second evaluation before entering into any plea negotiations. 

Both attorneys asked the judge to adjourn the competency hearing until after the second evaluation can be completed. King agreed and set a new competency hearing for July 23.

Reed said after Monday's hearing that she wants the second evaluation to make sure her client is indeed competent to stand trial. She said there are "issues there" prompting her request. She declined to provide more detail.

She said Gentz is nervous and worried, which she described as normal considering the charges and circumstances.

"He's doing fairly well," Reed said. "Of course, he's nervous. Of course, he's anxious because he's involved in this type of case."

His appearance in court Monday came two days after a group calling itself Justice 4 Jane launched its public campaign to bring closure to the case. The individual members of the group do not want to reveal their specific identities so the emphasis is on solving Jane Bashara's homicide, according to a press release sent to media.

Those involved are friends, community members of the Pointes and metro Detroit, and victim advocates throughout the country. The campaign includes the sale of yard signs, ribbon-car magnets, wristbands and tree ribbons, with proceeds to benefit Jane Bashara's favorite charities.  

The yard signs have already started popping up in and around the Pointes, including on Middlesex where she and her husband Bob lived. Bob Bashara, according to the press release, is not involved but her birth family has given their approval of the campaign. 

and the conspiracy charge against Gentz outlines that a second person was involved. . 

, explaining that he would not stop contacting her despite her repeated requests.

She outlined several of his attempts to contact her and told the judge in that case she fears for her life as she did not know he was still married when they were in a relationship and learned of it only after in early January. 

For more information on the Justice 4 Jane campaign, visit the website: http://justice4jane.forumotion.com/ or email justice4jane@yahoo.com

Julie Lattimore June 15, 2012 at 01:45 AM
...and not to mention, the mentally challenged hit man is behind bars, but Jane's "real" killer is still on the loose. Jane's friends and family should be concerned for their own safety, while seeking justice for murder.
Sir Lancelot June 15, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Hey Pete. You want to talk about a lynch mob? Talk to the witnesses who've been harassed by Bob's camp.
Claire Louise Lewis June 16, 2012 at 12:34 AM
Oooooo... witness intimidation too, eh? SMH!
Villager June 16, 2012 at 01:21 AM
I just saw that Bob opened a Facebook account today, he also named it Justice4Jane.
Julie Lattimore June 16, 2012 at 01:21 AM
Bob Bashara is trying to hijack the Justice4Jane campaign. He started his own Facebook page using the same slogan. It looks like it's mostly his own family and few friends who have joined in on this maneuver. I've met a few psychopaths in my life, but this makes my skin crawl ! I feel horrible for Jane's real family today. We all need to stand up for Jane and her family together and buy the signs, which will celebrate Jane and her charities... and lets just hope and pray that the person who arranged for Jane's murder... pays for it, dearly!


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