Bob Bashara to Get New Attorney in Trial for Solicitation of Murder Charges

Mark Kriger will represent Bob Bashara in his trial in Wayne County Circuit Court on solicitation of murder charges.

The arraignment of Bob Bashara in Wayne County Circuit onwas adjourned Tuesday for one week to allow his new defense attorney to be present at the proceedings.

Attorney David Griem successfully petitioned Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Bruce Morrow to have Mark Kriger represent Bashara in his trial.

Griem had but he was unsuccessful.

"Certain things happened in the relationship which just made it impossible for the two of us to go together," Griem said outside the court building in Detroit. "In regards to Mr. Bashara's defense, we were not only not on the same page, we weren't even in the same book."

Kriger is currently in trial in U.S. District Court, and was unable to attend Tuesday's arraignment, Griem said. Bashara will be arraigned at 8:30 a.m. Aug. 7 before Morrow on solicitation of murder charges for allegedly trying to hire a jailhouse hitman to murder Joe Gentz, Jane Bashara.

Bashara, who was wearing a green court jumpsuit, said little during the proceedings and thanked the judge as he was being led back to the Wayne County Jail.

Prior to the next court date, Griem said that he will turn over materials to Bashara's new lawyer.

"Throughout this ordeal, we will be available to consult with him, strategize and assist in any way that we can," Griem said. 

While he will no longer be representing Bashara, Griem said he believes his now former client will have a long road ahead of him. The attorney said he thinks that in addition to the solicitation charges, murder charges will be forthcoming.

"He understands he needs to go to war twice," said Griem, who added that Bashara will likely take the stand. "He knows that one case is on the docket and he is ready to defend himself in that case. He plans on testifying and he wants his side of the story told."

Griem added that he has been cooperative with Jane Bashara's family, but their actions along with "leaks" from police agencies, will impact the case.

"(Jane's family is) attempting to have an impact on the criminal justice system," he said. "I have never seen a case where police officers and police agencies have had such a great impact on what is going to be the ultimate outcome of this case. The potential jury panels have been poisoned. I don't think there is any way to undo that poisoning."

Bashara will remain  prior to his arraignment.

Julie Lattimore August 01, 2012 at 11:43 AM
Phooey, the jury process has not even begun yet and this "so-called" lawyer is already accusing them as being poisoned. Bob and Griem are the ones constantly in the media trying to influence the public, possible jurors. Jane's family has been very quiet. Of course, Jane's family is trying to have an impact, somebody (cough, cough) has murdered the person they adored. They want justice for Jane, and they deserve it!


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