Shores Mom Blog: A Mothers "Spring" Confession

As a mom, we are constantly organizing, and since we live in a state with four seasons the task of “swapping” out clothes is never ending. So it is confession time.

So it is confession time.

I think February and March have to be among the hardest months for parents.

The weather is not quite warm enough to play outside. And the sloppy, wet mess from melting snow is a constant reminder that it is still, in fact, winter. If you go for a walk, the “splash” of dirty water spraying up your jeans is a bit chilly. And the family dog reminds us that the backyard is still muddy, and our local park resembles that of a water park more than anything else these days.

So what am I confessing?

As the weather begins to break and we see the first signs of a Michigan “thaw out,” I get re-energized by the longer days, the sun shining in my front window and the excitement of “what is coming” quickly consumes my thoughts.

So what do I do? I start organizing and I love it! (Yep, the confession.)

As moms, we are constantly organizing and living in a state with four seasons. The task of “swapping” out clothes is never ending. We pack up the heavy winter clothes, bring out the thin layered warm clothes and those too are quickly replaced by our summer attire.

I had no idea what a huge task this could be until I had three children. I remember going through clothes with my mom and trying things on to see what still “fits” and I loved getting all of the “new” clothes out. Well, maybe they were not all “new” but it was a new change of scenery in my closet. I still think that is what I like most about “switching” things out today.

Since I love organizing, shopping, and getting great deals I thought I would share a few of my “mommy secrets” to hopefully help you with this upcoming task:

1) I keep a running list taped inside my children's closets of what sizes and what specific article of clothing he or she will need for the following season. For example I will write "12mo summer pj’s" for my son on his list. This way I know what to keep an eye out for. This is also very handy for birthdays and holidays as I always know what to tell relatives he or she is in need of.

2) Buy used! Children grow out of things so quickly why spend a fortune on something they will literally wear a handful of times? Some of my local favorites:

  • Garage Sales

3) Put clothes that are outgrown in vacuum seal bags and label them for younger siblings in the future. I love these bags! They take up a lot less space than bins and fit just as many clothes. This option is a priceless alternative for the typical St. Clair Shores home where storage space tends to be minimal.

4) Have a per-child clothing budget and stick to it! If your children are older, this is a great way to include them in the fun of decision making. They can spend "X" dollars  on one pair of jeans or they can spend "X" dollars get two. Let them choose! Raising financially smart kids can never start too early.

So as the weather outside begins to look a bit brighter these days think of “what is to come," warmer weather, park days and swimming just to name a few. There is no need to make the task of cleaning up after winter daunting. I invite you to join me and make it fun and “new.”

I would love to hear from you at amamajourney@gmail.com or be sure to leave me a comment on the Patch with your money saving tips and preparing for spring secrets.

Jenny Irvine February 26, 2011 at 12:28 PM
See all you moms at St. Germaine this AM for the M2M :)!!! Be there at 8:30AM for the early bird specials!!


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