Nautical Mile Merchant Association

Nautical Mile Merch Assoc. should be ashamed of themselves, the current President needs to step down>   During Christmas of 2013 there could have been business promotions ran thru out the Nautical Mile.   Instead all business did not decorate, except for Waves, which by the way. looked great!  Promotions could have been run thro out the area such as appetizer specials, Ugly sweater promos, dinner/lunch specials, trolley runs, Charity opportunities, etc., Need I go on.   There meetings consist of personal talk, instead of growing this area's business.   Shame on them!
Janice Robichaud January 24, 2014 at 12:15 PM
Is there a made in Michigan shop in your association, with handmade or Michigan made gift/products ??


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