Best Companies to Work for? Stress or Well-Being?

> Stress, depression and family crisis are the TOP 3 WORKPLACE PROBLEMS >Managing stress improves health. Do you think that companies should provide stress management programs for employees?

There are two distinctive styles of leadership emerging throughout 'best companies to work for', from what I have been observing over the past several decades.  Those that have implemented programs for employees, their families and local groups to be able to participate in for managing stress through both holistic and wellness offerings--- and those that don't.

It is this paradigm shift in leadership that is transforming how we look at best companies to work for.  Those organizations that are now choosing to implement:

*evidence-based cost-effective programs that identify and manage stress

*classes for individual and group coaching on the mind-body connection affecting stress and health

*tool kits of tested successful wellness initiatives

are driving functional excellence through their design and in the coordination, communication and deployment of both locally grown and corporate directed health and wellness programs.  It is being demonstrated through employee engagement scores that morale, job satisfaction and overall health and well-being are improving, the programs supported by leadership and welcomed by those participating.

I am commited to using a holistic paradigm in health on every level.  My philosophy is that stress and physical health are directly related and it is often the result of how much time and attention is given to managing stress.  Developing a practice of simple techniques and enjoyable activities on a daily basis will help balance our monkey-mind-chatter and our heart-felt-feelings.  This in turn can improve our physical health or disease recovery---the mind-body connection is well documented worldwide.  The primary focus is always to induce the relaxation response which creates our connection to calm, while simultaneously boosting our immune system.


1) Focus on the 'inner self' and the outer life will follow suit in every area

2) It is best to "practice" at least one thing daily to nurture your spirit, as this sets the tone for the entire day and things just get done easier, better and with less effort

3) Instant gratification occurs when one makes time to quiet their mind noise---gifts of clarity, focus and peace of mind result.

4)You can be at your desk and implement simple techniques that will bring relaxation in moments.  WHO deserves continual fight-or-flight stressors?

5) You can shed fear-based, lack-based stressful thinking and it doesn't cost anybody a lot of money

6) There are many simple ways that we can shift our individual perception(s) from a state of stress to a state of relaxation

7) The need for hands-on availability for 'stress-busting' programs in the workplace crosses all borders..all departments...all shifts.

8) You can be serious, while simultaneously relaxed, with pulsing, vibrant aliveness felt in your body---from the top fo your head to the soles of your feet

9) Great just isn't good enough for only a few folks;  every person on this earth is deserving and worthy of being able to feel GREAT > being grounded---focused, clear and alive~

There are many unpredictable events that occur in our outer world on a daily basis---and because we have no control over these situations, the only thing we can do is to take a minute or two,  become still and go within to the place where we can be quiet and experience harmony.  Even if just for a few moments, this allows our mind and heart to connect to a place of calm.  Only then can we have hope that this way of being, be it only briefly, might reflect outward into the world.  There are many experts who write or speak of how our outer reality is a reflection of our inner reality, which also is the basis of the popular quote "Be the change you want to see in the world".  Something that sounds so simple but is not always so easy.  That's probably why it has been termed "a daily practice".


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Stephen Kiluk December 05, 2012 at 10:53 AM
Great Article Jill! Learning to properly handle stress is the key to happiness.


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