Business Changes: Manzella's Closes, Shorecrest Lanes Comes Down

Business changes are occurring throughout St. Clair Shores as blighted buildings are demolished, a longtime business closes and a new Tim Horton's may occupy the location of a former sub shop.

It has been a time of change and some sadness among St. Clair Shores residents as the business landscape of the city has changed over the past week.

closed Saturday after 47 years, demolition started on the former Shorecrest Lanes bowling alley and the former Cillufo’s Florist location has been filled by an antique store.

The closure of Manzella's created a number of posts on the St. Clair Shores Patch Facebook page, with users sharing their sadness and disappointment over the closure.

"Sad day in the city with the closing of Manzella's Fruit Market, they opened in 1964, very sad for the city," Gerri Lepere wrote.

Owner Vito Manzella was clearing out the store Wednesday and declined to comment on the reasons for the sudden closure of the store. 

A constant stream of well-wishers stopped by, lamenting the loss of the second family-owned store in the Shores in recent months. In March, .

Further south on Harper, demolition is under way at the former Shorecrest Lanes. The property owner received approval recently from city council for a Brownfield plan for the former bowling alley on Harper, near 9 Mile.

Under the proposal, the city is not committing to any reimbursement from the Brownfield Authority for the demolition. That could come at a later date.

Once the demolition is completed, the land will be cleared for future development. Christopher Rayes, St. Clair Shores community services director, said no plans have been submitted for the property.

Eva Strzelewicz wrote on the St. Clair Shores Facebook page about the demolition, "It's about time. That place has been an eyesore for way too long. And it was always uncomfortable riding a bike or walking by there after they closed it down. Hopefully, a new investor will build something that will be an asset to the Shores."

As the bowling alley comes down, the building that houses the former Cillufo’s Florist is fully occupied with Moezart Salon and Studio Vintage, an antique store which opened on the Harper side of the building.

Owner Dave DeLaunay is also repainting the exterior of the green building on Harper, south of 12 Mile.

Additionally, the former Quizno's building on Harper may soon be renovated.

According to a post on the St. Clair Shores Facebook page by councilwoman Candice Rusie, the community development department is working with Tim Horton’s for the location. Plans have been submitted for renovation and construction will likely start in about a month, Rusie wrote.

Kellie L. Abrams July 14, 2011 at 01:27 PM
What about the VACANT buildings left when Magic Touch and Pet store moved? Why is the strip mall (where the Frank's used to be) still not full after a number of years? Do we have city development? With Lake St. Clair right in our backyards, I really am having a hard time understanding why our city is in this position, it is embarrassing!
Rene Bellis July 14, 2011 at 05:19 PM
I didn't know Manzella's closed until I read this article! This happened so fast it's making my head spin! I was just there last week to buy some lunch meat. It's sad when you see yet another business you'd go to all the time simply disappear. What a sorry state of affairs this country is turning into.
Gina July 14, 2011 at 10:56 PM
Manzella's closed because of tax evasion, so I heard. Gigilo's closed for retirement and the younger generation didn't want the business. It's sad this younger generation doesn't realize they are killing their heritage, what happened to family, values, memories, heritage and strong ties. It's a crying shame.
C Jesto July 22, 2011 at 07:18 PM
So many comments...opening and closing businesses come with the times, with every generation. Stores and businesses around the shores have opened, closed, changed ownerships, relocated, etc., since I can remember. It's not to blame any politician. If it's the politicians' fault(s), everything would close. EVERYTHING. If the Manzellas do not want to state their reason(s) for closing the store, please, out of respect, just leave them alone. Don't paparazzi and second guess them. They are a great family and yes they did a lot for the community, especially for the local schools, for charities and other entities. Memories are to remember. Remember Towne Club? Remember Franks? Remember Great Scotts? Remember Kiddie Land? Remember Dominoes Pizza? Remember K-Mart on 13 Mile - yes I know that one was Roseville, but it was right on the border. Remember the Rite Aid? Relax about pointing the finger to anyone in particular. Things like this are a part of life. Jot it down in a journal. YOUR kids or grandkids might appreciate it some day.
Karen July 31, 2012 at 03:40 AM
I worked for Vito for a while, about 7 yrs ago. I'm truely suprised that it lasted as long as it did. It was a great market with good food and service but the business end was run so badly that you could not keep employees energized to do their best. So sorry to see it go.


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