Fireworks Fundraising Under Way

The St. Clair Shores Activities Committee is raising funds to offset the costs of the annual fireworks show on June 24.

Members of the St. Clair Shores Activities Committee are collecting donations and selling wristbands for the city's annual fireworks display.

The annual event, which draws thousands of people to and many more to neighborhoods around Masonic and Jefferson, costs about $50,000 for the actual fireworks, police protection and other city services.

To help offset those costs, the city is charging $2 admission for the fireworks and a $5 parking fee for those who park in the lot across Jefferson.

Prior to the event, members of the activities committee will sell the entry wristbands and collect donations throughout the city, including today at .

"It is a great event for families to spend time together and enjoy the fireworks," said Greg Esler, parks and recreation director.

The city is also soliciting donations to offset the costs of the event. is the title sponsor of the event, donating $9,000 for fireworks. Other sponsors includes Ice Cream, , and Jewelry.

"We are very involved in all the communities we service," said Lynn Scott of First State Bank. "We want to do things like help keep the fireworks and help the community."

‎Admission wristbands can be purchased for $2 per person in advance or at the gate until 8 p.m. and today at Village Market. The wristbands are also available at the parks and recreation offices at 20000 Stephens or at the two First State Bank branches in St. Clair Shores. The $5 parking passes are also available at the parks and recreation department.

Rick Fink June 13, 2011 at 01:12 AM
Just a sign of the times. Paying a fee to watch a government event. If the government wouldn't have spent money like a drunken sailor when times were good we wouldn't be in this mess now.
Pat Miller May 04, 2012 at 12:21 PM
My name is Pat Miller. I created and host fundraisers like you have never seen! The only thing your group needs to do is bring the guests (I provide the tickets) and come play. Your venue or mine. I have done several for Lakeview High and Roseville High Senior all night parties, East Pointe Elite Cheerleaders, Soccer team, Church, sick children, Knights of Columbus, Military causes, Shriners and more. Here are the hilites: What I provide:  All vendors  All materials, set up, merchandise, prizes, gifts and advertising  A one night fun evening out for all members, parents, friends and relatives to replace purchasing of high prices items that normally are purchased reluctantly.  The venue unless you prefer your own  These are totally organized, set up and run by myself and the vendors.  Special sales, drawing, surprises and gifts  Coach purse(s) will be auctioned and provided by me  Allow reservations for tables of 6 or more  QFM Funny Money and items to purchase with it Reach me at kateber2@comcast.net or FB http://www.facebook.com/QFMFUNTIME#!/QFMFUNTIME


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